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Ski Piste Visualisation

Skiers need access to a lot of information on the slopes to maximise their safety and enjoyment. This information is normally available on a combination of resort maps and notice boards or displays at key central points in the resort.

Mark Dunlop

This project looked at squeezing all this information onto a mobile phone and making it easy to read by personalising the information to the individual phone owner's preferences. In our system a ski resort map shows the individual runs as a normal resort map, but the width of the run on the display takes into account factors such as: the skiers ability (e.g. preference for blue runs); whether the runs are open just now; the weather conditions on the run; and the snow conditions (e.g. amount of ice).

Users setup their preferences once and can then always look at the map to get a quick overview of which runs are suitable today, trade off different information with how brave they feel today and then they can quickly plan their routes and get updated information during the day. This project was the result of an MSc Computer and Internet Technologies project by Brian Elsey supervised by Mark Dunlop.